Writesie will distribute and offer your physical book for SALE on Amazon.com and B&N.com so anyone, anywhere can order your book, anytime. Very cool at school and convenient for grandparents, family and friends. And Writesie manages and fulfills all orders.*
*This service is good for 1 year, with optional annual renewal at $14.95/year-subject to annual change. This service requires the RETAIL READY upgrade, which is standard the Writesie Pro package.  Writesie sets retail price and Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Writesie retain all proceeds from sales.

Amazon & B&N Book Distribution

SKU: DIST-3000
    • This servcies is only available when you have purchased the Writesie Classic or Writesie Pro package AND your book is made Retail-Ready.
    • The Pro package already includes the Writesie Retail-Ready service, while the Classic Package does not.
    • So this service costs more with the Classic Package than with the Pro Package.