Writesie's Archival service protects your investment by storing your book's master files in our cloud-based, highly secure, on-line storage archive.  If your Writesie books are ever damaged, lost or stolen, the archival service allows you to buy replacement copies with no worries. This subscription service is good for 12 months with optional annual renewal.  Or, you can download the master files and keep them safe on your own for a one-time fee.

Archival Service

    • With the "Setup & 1st Year" option, the initial archival setup and the first year of archival storage are covered by the price noted. Annual renewal is $10.00/year (subject to annual changes). 
    • With the "You Download & Keep" option, you pay a one-time fee of the price noted, which allows you to download and keep the files yourself. 
    • Either option allows you to buy additional copies of your book without having to buy another Writesie pakage.