Writesie will transform your favorite illustration, drawing or picture into a CUSTOM PLUSH Writes Pal, Writesie Pet or Writesie Selfie! Wow!  And these custom stuffed animals and figures will look just like the illustration, drawing or picture you send us. Available in 16" or supersized 30" options. All Writesie Pals, Pets and Selfies are made with hypoalergenic, kid-safe, polyester materials. And don't forget the optional Certificate of Birth to mark the occasion!  

This service is great for your favorite story illustrations, pictures of your pet, or even pictures or illustrations of you, mom, dad or friends. Just upload your pics and we'll do the rest. So much family fun just waiting to be created!

Writesie Pals, Pets and Selfies

SKU: CS-16
    • Creation Time for Custom Stuffed Animals/Figures is 5 to 8 weeks.
    • You will be kept informed throughout the hand-made creation process.
    • Your custom stuffed buddy will look just like the picture you provide.
    • You can order this service with or without a Writesie book package.
    • Great for story characters, pictures of your pet, or pictures of mom, dad, family and friends. 
    • Shipping costs for mailing your custom stuffed toy will be added at check out.