This fun-filled Mr. How Do You Do Family Prayer Kit is designed to teach children the joy and simplicity of Prayer. Packed with hours of fun, educational and scripture-based materials, the Kit includes the Mr. How Do You Do Learns to Pray paperback book, the MHDYD 10 Week Family Prayer Curriculum, a Prayer Bear, Prayer Journal (craft), Prayer Box (craft) and Christian-themed stickers and wrist bracelet. 

Add an optional gift certificate to allow your child to create a custom children's book or a custom stuffed animal (or both).

Flat rate shipping of your Prayer Kit to any US addresses is $9.95 (additional). Flat rate shipping to any address outside the US is $25.00 (additional)

Learn to Pray Prayer Kit

    • The Learn to Pray Kit is a fun and engaging way for parents, grandparents and others to teach children how to pray.
    • The Kit contains the Mr. How Do You Do Learns to Pray paperback book, a 10 Week Curriculum with daily and and weekly study guides, devotions, sample prayers, memory verses, fun activities and crafts, coloring pages, and more to encourage children as they learn to pray.
    • The optional $89.95 Gift Certificate is redeemable for the Writesie Classic Custom Book Package or the Writesie 16" Custom Stuffed Animal Package.
    • The optional $149.95 Gift Certificate is redeemable for the Writese Pro Custom Book Package or the Writesie 30" Custom Stuffed Animal Package, plus more.